Story Competition Winners - Aged 7 and under

1st Place - Milly Taylor

Discovering Zoomarator

It all started off as a normal kind of day. I was at Granny’s we had baked some cupcakes and I was waiting for them to cool… but I couldn’t wait, so I grabbed one and stuffed it in my pocket. I was searching through granny’s cupboard for some sprinkles, or something to decorate it with, when I found something. It looked like one of those mixey things, it looked fun and I thought I might play with it for a bit so I took it outside. It had a small button on the side and I pressed it. Suddenly, it jumped out of my hands and there were all these sparks and colours, gold and pink. Then it started growing, it got bigger and bigger, what was happening? Next, a seat came out of the top and a steering wheel. I hopped on, it went down and then… up up up until… I landed on Mars. By the time I had got off, an alien came bouncing up to me singing, “zoomarator zoomarator” and that was what the mixey thing was called.

I played with the alien all day. I even got to meet his family, held his baby and bounced on the squiz. But then it was time to go home. I got on to the zoomarator but it wouldn’t budge, it had run out of fuel. The aliens wouldn’t give me any unless I had something to swap. I put my hands in my pockets and pulled out my cupcake. The aliens were thrilled and filled the zoomarator up with fuel. Before I knew it, I was back at granny’s house. As I hopped off, the zoomarator shrunk back into a mixey thing again. I could hear granny shouting me, so I sneaked the zoomarator back into granny’s cupboard. Wondering if I’d ever get the chance to use it again.

2nd Place - Chloe White

Once upon a time there lived a cat called Smudge. One day Smudge saw a signpost saying ‘all homeless pets should be locked in a cage.’ So Smudge ran away from Apple Street. Smudge ran and ran and Smudge didn’t stop. Smudge kept on running and soon Smudge saw that she was in the wood. And she purred and said “Phew, no one will find me here.” And then before Smudge could say anything else Smudge saw a poster saying ‘Candy land’. Smudge was a very good reader! So Smudge stuffed her face with candy. Then Smudge had a look at the stalls. Then after Smudge had gone to all the stalls and gymnastics shows, Smudge thought that she should go outside to play in the wood. Smudge played bounce the ball, catch, roly-poly down the hill and her last game was knock the pinecones off the tree. But then Smudge accidentally fell on a stinky and sleepy badger. And Smudge said “oops sorry” and the badger also had a bucket of worms next to him. And Smudge as she was walking backwards and crash all the worms wiggled into the soil. “Oy you” said the badger, “you tipped over my worms and woke me up.” But Smudge was clever and put the bucket on the badger’s head. And then Smudge ran back to Apple Street and stayed there. And Smudge found a owner which was called Sammie. And Smudge got a house and bedroom. Smudge’s owner was really kind. And had a little girl called Rosie and they lived happily ever after. The End.

3rd Place - Carys Tamilarasan

Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a little monkey. Her name is Melon and she loved being cheeky. One day Melon was outside playing with her Family when she found something shiny it was a crystal. Then suddenly she said “ooh ooh ahh ahh.” After that she took it round monkey village. She was even brave enough to take it to Queen Links. “Thank you” said the queen “it’s my old crystal!” “Hee hee” said Melon!

When Melon got home nobody was there. Then she realised they were at the Taj Mahal looking for a lost crystal. Finally they found it outside then they gave it to the Taj Mahal.