Janis Clark Short Story Competition 2018

Finalists Announced

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story for this year’s Janis Clark Short Story Competition. The standard has been very high. It proved very difficult for the three judges – Di Hancock, Carole-Ann Howard and Richard Eaton – to choose only three finalists in each category.

But after much deliberation, cogitation and consideration, the following writers have been shortlisted in each category:
Aged 7 and under:

  • Imogen Lewis
  • Betsy Taylor
  • Flo Taylor
Aged 8 to 10:

  • Max Pinder
  • Eesa Tafazal
  • Milly Taylor
Aged 11 to 14:

  • Bella Kamen
  • Lucy Masterson
  • Ellen Wilson
Aged 15 and over:

  • Kirstie Parry
  • Kathy Shand
  • Emily Warner
They will receive prizes at the opening event on 21st September, when the winners in each category will also be announnced.