1. Duffield Arts Festival
    Great music!
    Great things are happening . . . .
  2. Duffield Arts Festival
    Fun for kids
  3. Duffield Arts Festival
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    Duffield Arts Festival

Duffield Arts Festival 2018 - It's gonna be twice as good

THAT'S RIGHT! - Duffield Arts Festival will be back bigger and better in 2018, and twice the fun to be extact.

The 2018 Festival will see two weekends of fun, colour and excitement, with the Scarecrow Trail now a festival weekend of its own followed by the main Arts Festival weekend.

  • Duffield Scarecrow Festival will take place on 12th-16th September 2018 (more details email [email protected])
  • Duffield Arts Festival is 20th-23rdĀ  September 2018 (more details email [email protected]).

Please keep checking our Facebook page for all the latest updates on what is set to be an amazing double festival.
  1. Duffield Scarecrow Trail
    Duffield Scarecrow Trail
    Brilliant creations will pop up everywhere
  2. Duffield Scarecrow Trail
    The Scarecrow Trail
    Everyone can take part
  3. Duffield Short Story Writing Competition
    Short Story Writing Competition
    For all ages
  4. Duffield Photography Competition
    Photography Competition
    Will showcase some fantastic local talent
  5. Duffield Arts Festival
    I feel like dancing
    Incredible performances
  6. Duffield Arts Festival
    Art here, art there, art everywhere
    such a wide range of all forms of art