1. Duffield Arts Festival
    Great music!
    Great things are happening . . . .
  2. Duffield Arts Festival
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  3. Duffield Arts Festival
    Duffield Arts Festival

Duffield Arts Festival 2017 - THANK YOU!!!!

Well that's it everyone - Duffield Arts Festival has officially come to an end for 2017, and what a festival it has been with so many events, displays, and scarecrows for all to enjoy.

We'd like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the performers, artists, exhibitors, scarecrow makers, volunteers, and everyone else who took part in this years festival.

And not to mention a huge thank you to everyone who visited the festival over the weekend - we hope you have found it to be very enjoyable.
All going well we look forward to welcome you all again next year. Indeed planning for Duffield Arts Festival 2018 will be starting very soon. Until then we once again say THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!

Scarecrow Festival 2018 - A weekend of its own.
We have had a lot of feedback around because there were so many brilliant scarecrows, there wasn't enough time to see much else. So, the Scarecrow Festival will be the weekend before the Arts Festival. Two cram-packed weekends of fun!

Please keep giving your feedback on our Facebook page - we are starting planning soon and we want to make it an amazing double festival.
  1. Duffield Scarecrow Trail
    Duffield Scarecrow Trail
    Brilliant creations will pop up everywhere
  2. Duffield Scarecrow Trail
    The Scarecrow Trail
    Everyone can take part
  3. Duffield Short Story Writing Competition
    Short Story Writing Competition
    For all ages
  4. Duffield Photography Competition
    Photography Competition
    Will showcase some fantastic local talent
  5. Duffield Arts Festival
    I feel like dancing
    Incredible performances
  6. Duffield Arts Festival
    Art here, art there, art everywhere
    such a wide range of all forms of art