Once you’ve chosen your scarecrow idea, you need to collect the materials to make your scarecrow.

The body

The body can be made in the traditional cross shape by nailing or binding together two pieces of wood, the vertical one about six feet high, the arms approximately two feet across. You could also create the body shape using chicken wire (either formed around the wooden frame or freestanding), PVC piping or bamboo. Another alternative is to sew the scarecrow’s clothes together and stuff them. For large areas such as the chest you could use a cardboard box sealed in bin bags to waterproof it. 

If you do stuff your scarecrow you can use newspaper (although this is not ideal if the forecast is rain for the week of the trail!), plastic bags, bubble wrap or the traditional scarecrow stuffing – straw! 

The head

Your scarecrow head can be made using a covered football, or stuffing an old pillowcase or canvas bag and then drawing on the face. You may choose to create a face using craft items such as felt and buttons, or use a plastic face mask. Wool can be used for hair. A more waterproof (but also more time consuming) option is to make a paper mache head. Once you’ve painted the face on it’s a good idea to do a final coat of varnish to make sure it’s shower proof. Hands can also be made from paper mache or by stuffing some gloves / pink rubber gloves.

Displaying your scarecrow

Don’t forget any props to help identify your hero or villain – our local charity shops may be able to help with clothes and accessories.

Your scarecrow will probably need to be supported somehow, even if it’s sat on the ground. If you’ve used the traditional wooden cross format you can dig a hole in the ground and place your wooden frame in it. Another option is to use a garden parasol base as support. Otherwise it could be sat on a chair or propped against a post, tree or fence.

There is lots of other information including videos available on the Internet if you are looking for any more ideas.

Happy Scarecrow Making!!